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I'm Elaina Massie,
creator of the Soul
Science Framework.

I mentor awakening humans who identify as Star seeds, Lightworkers & Shambhala peacemakers to self-manage their vibrational frequencies in ways that activate their passions and purpose as peace makers evolving the new earth.

Are you feeling stuck on your journey to replacing emotional struggles with living on purpose?

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Trance Channelled Guidance from “The Voice” and/or Soul Readings to guide and support your journey forward.  

Confidential face to face or online mentoring Star seeds and Lightworkers using the Soul Science Framework for living an awakened life. 

To book  Elaina Massie for your public event as a trance channel or inspirational speaker  contact her via FB Messenger or email.  

Who I Work With

Hi, I’m Elaina Massie – Creator and facilitator of The Soul Science Framework specifically working with those who identify themselves as Star seeds, Lightworkers & Shambhala Peacemakers.  

Several years ago I deliberately moved away from my traditional private practice as a trauma therapist to focus my energies on assisting awakened individuals manage their new reality and action their passions and purpose in ways that contribute to evolving our world from one of chaos to peace, joy and unity. 

Perhaps, you’re like I used to be, a highly trained professional who fears surrendering to the power of your intuitive nature… because …. what will others think!!!

That was me in a nutshell until I woke up to who I really am at my core. 

As a baby boomer my ego was deeply anchored by a belief that qualifications and credentials seemed more important than inner peace and unconditional self-love. Not anymore.

If you  have finally had enough of being part of the exhausting 3 D system where power and control  rules your life,  and are ready to use the various vibrations of your soul to heal yourself and others then let’s chat soon. 

When we see the world through unresolved emotional pain, everything appears broken. When we can redirect our perspective into seeing the world filled with infinite possibilities, life becomes a playground for living on purpose with passion, fuelling the direction of our journey with a determination to succeed.

Elaina Massie

Are You Ready to live an inspired life?


Heal the need to feel shame, blame, guilt and grief because you are still not living your dream life.


Self-empowerment, self-love, self-respect, self-worth and joy by recognising the power of your own soul as your guidance system to success.


Your unique message to the world by working with your mind and your soul.


Leave your legacy for generations to come.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life From The Inside Out?

If you answered yes to any of these....

You are so much more than your current beliefs and behaviours.

It is possible that you are an innocent prisoner of your soul's history.

If you’d like help healing the chains binding you to your ancestral past, while also working with the spirit world for living on purpose and making your dream life a reality, then book a free strategy session with me today.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you lived on the same apartment floor with people who have similar beliefs and values to you? Which floor would you be on?

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