It’s time to heal and rewrite yours

“Every little bit of peace I bring someone is worth the peace I never had.”

Chico Xavier

My Story

I’m old enough to have travelled the Hero’s Journey more than once. 

The journey I’m about to share with you began in my late teens, about a month after my mother died tragically in a fire.

I was home alone studying for an exam in the quietness of our family home when suddenly I heard a loud thump and then I heard my mother sobbing from the bedroom  above. 

I was absolutely terrified and I wondered if I was experiencing some form of  grief induced psychosis. 

This same thump and then my mum’s voice sobbing deeply happened the following evening too.

I had no idea back then that this was to be the beginning of my awakening to my spiritual gifts as a clairvoyant medium and trance channel. 

I was too scared to share it with my family who were staunch Roman Catholics. I was terrified that they would assume I had  schizophrenia and I would be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. 

I pushed it to the back of my mind and focused on my studies to become a teacher. 

Fast forward 20 years.  My “white picket fence” marriage was over and in sheer grief and desperation I tried to end my life by placing a brass Buddha plaque on my chest, taking every pill I could find, while praying to God that I would be guided back to the light after paying the price for the crime I was about to commit. 

Some time later I woke up in a pool of vomit about 100 metres away from the bed. 

I had experienced a Near Death Experience (N.D.E), without all the bells and whistles of floating in white light and love. 

Instead, I visited a place where souls go, who die tragically often through suicide.

I was given a choice and a second chance at life however I had been warned that it would NOT be an easy journey forward.  

I obviously accepted the conditions and I began a long and very emotionally painful dark night of the soul. 

Fifteen years later, admittedly with many highs and lows along the journey to healing my broken heart and the deep-seated  complex trauma from my early childhood,  I feel whole and complete. 

In the early days, I focused primarily on my psychological wellbeing and yet the deepest healing which  led to me awakening to my true nature came through understanding and working with the science of my soul and the loving support from my spirit team who now identify themselves as “The Voice”.  

My unique Soul Science Framework, with its 5 vibrational levels is breaking new ground in the field of personal development.

Traditionally focused professionals,  academic researchers and those who identify themselves as Starseeds and Lightworkers have more recently  become the array of clients who approach me for support.  Those who hold positions of power in “mainstream” organisations and are awakening to a 5 D reality feel safe sharing their transformational challenges with me. 

I am delighted to say that my 1-1 counselling and  mentoring packages, in person or on zoom, are  creating a sacred space for individuals who believe they belong in traditional arenas because they can be catalysts of change in ways that bring peace to the world from the inside out. 


My approach to your healing is multidimensional.

I have successfully made the journey through decades of complex trauma into and awakened understanding of my contribution in this new world.

My unique Soul Science Method for Awakened Living is enabling people to fully express their universal humanity in ways that bring wealth, peace and joy  to them while also rippling unity, love and abundance into the wider community. 

I guarantee, that by working with me you will experience an awakening of higher frequencies inside you that enable the healer inside you to emerge in magical ways. 


I am a connector and a bridge and my unique approach blends my skills in mental health with my esoteric healing skills to provide you with a powerful transformational experience

Is This How You Feel?

You have a vision of making your valuable contribution to global peace by living your soul’s purpose  and yet you’re held back by  a relentlessly challenging ego, blocking your ability to action your dreams and goals.  Emotions such as shame, blame, guilt, grief and regret, triggered by painful memories, often leaves you feeling disconnected from your true value and potentiality.

Perhaps as a sensitive, deeply caring, out of the box thinker you are often magnetically drawn to Narcissistic partners with disastrous results on your emotional wellbeing.

You are not a person who is seeking a, “check up from the neck up”, as a solution to resolving personal challenges.

The Soul Science Method with its evolutionary use of vibration and frequency will assist you integrate and awaken to your highest potential and finally live your awakened dream life. 

My guarantee is that you will experience multi-dimensional worlds bringing you to a deep sense of connectedness, peace, healing and personal freedom from the inside out.