Are the services with Elaina claimable on Medicare?
No. Although I continue to update my skills in mental health I choose to work outside the Medicare system so I can freely merge my traditional and complementary tool kit approach
What can I expect in our first session?
We will get to know each other in ways that formally build a trusting professional relationship enabling you to get the best outcome from our time together. We will also begin mapping out the most effective path forward highlighting areas of greater need as our initial starting point.
How long does a session take?
These vary according to the type of contract you set up with me.
How many sessions will I need?
This naturally depends on the purpose of our work and your desired outcome.
Do you have after-hours appointments available?
Yes I see clients 2 evenings a week to accommodate professionals who visit me straight after work
Are phone consultations less effective than coming to see you personally?
Absolutely not. I have a number of clients who live interstate and overseas.

“You can’t believe you’re strong until you know you’re weak.

You can’t plan for the future until you know you’re present.

You can’t live from a sense of wholeness until you know you’re broken.

When all these pieces come together, then you are blessed by peace.”

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