Exciting new 1:1 mentoring service

“The Divine does not come from somewhere above, it exists beyond time and space, and informs all life.”


Entering the Field of Real Magic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter the Field of Real Magic and create your life from that level of Oneness and Peace?

Imagine, consciously connecting to YOUR Divine Blueprint, by moving beyond The Matrix and living as a full expression of the God/Universal Consciousness you were born to be.


What if, I can help YOU, develop the resonance for entering the Field of Magic, and magnetically calling upon global leaders, now residing in the spirit world, who align with Your Divine Mission on earth?

Would you think I’m crazy or would you be smart enough to recognise that this is NEXT GENERATION science?

I suspect a claim like this may have fallen on deaf ears several months ago. And yet, who would’ve a thought that our entire world would shut down until further notice because of a virus?

The truth is, I haven’t JUST frantically come up with this strategy as a way of expanding my business in a virtual world.

I’ve been developing my work as a scientifically based soul researcher for Global Peace for more than 30 years, gathering 3 university degrees while studying and working internationally with clairvoyance and healing for equally as long.

As you can imagine this persistent dedication to my Divine Purpose taught me stuff.

AND I’m ready to take my private consulting to the next level because it’s vitally important that we all WAKE UP and BECOME the divine expression seeded in our souls before we have no world left for our children to inherit.

I am not just talking about living on purpose. No doubt, you’re doing this already.

I’m talking about moving beyond traditional clairvoyance, healing, meditation and your intuitive factuality.

What I’m offering is SO MUCH DEEPER.

I want to help you access your BEINGNESS and the spirit mentors who are offering to be your support team as you share this higher vibrational message with the world.

I am only offering this service as a 1-1 service at this point in time.


Because…. I want to specifically work with clients who are very focused on a specific mission and they’re ready to enter realms they haven’t been able to access alone before.

What can you expect working with me?

over the 6 session package, you can expect:

Please be aware of the following:

Sessions are NOT about blending with spirit for accessing angels, guides and masters who support our journey in very different ways.

The package IS specifically aimed at helping you achieve your mission on earth by accessing and being mentored by men and women who have left their extraordinary legacies in the fields of science, arts, spirituality, ecologically, politically and are now supporting us from the higher realms of life.

I haven’t offered this service in a package before and so for a short time only you will enjoy receiving 6 sessions for the price of 5. ​

Book your free strategy session and discuss working with me today.​