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Available for Interactive speaking engagements with small or larger gatherings on a range of topics

Understanding how Trauma Replacement Method removes the blocks to abundance caused by trauma in early life.

In this Professional Conversation you will learn:

Change is part of life and the stressors of life are challenging us in ever increasing ways.

Develop an understanding of 5 levels of awareness we can access to bring a deeper sense of stability and joy to our lives

Recognise where you focus your attention on the most and strategies to find a deeper sense of peace within yourself

Experience a taste of each of the 5 levels to catapult you to a deeper understanding of your divine purpose and the impact being the real you can have on your success in life

There is an Entrapment Triangle holding many women back from enjoying relation-ships that support an Abundant and Inspirational Lifestyle

In this Professional Conversation you will learn:

The elements of the Entrapment Triangle

How this dynamic can hold you back for personal and professional success

An opportunity to create discussion for recognising a more effective approach to managing relationships in a wider context

Intuitive sucess in a highly competitive world

For too long we have believed that intellectual knowledge is the key to success. Research shows this is simply not the case.

Masters of change throughout history have understood the importance of fusing intuition with logic for creating paradigm shifts in the world.

In this Professional Conversation you will learn:

Gain an understanding of what intuition is and how developing it accelerates personal and professional success

Discover the different levels of intuition and how they can expand your decision making strategies

Experience three ways to activate and use your intuitive skills for creativity and growth personally and professionally

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