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As a female in a fairly male dominated industry I often found myself ‘triggered’ by certain situations or conversations, typically with senior males.

Frustrated at my inability to pinpoint what was causing my emotional reaction, I started to experience extreme self-doubt and anxiety. Deciding I clearly wasn’t cut out for the Development game I started making plans to exit the industry I loved so much. I had heard of Elaina’s work through a friend of mine who worked in an executive role at a different developer.

Admittedly slightly skeptical of most types of therapy, Elaina’s ability to make me feel comfortable in her setting (not once did I feel like I was being ‘treated’) instantly helped me trust the process. We discovered I was having a very common response to a suppressed child hood trauma with a close male in my life which had led to a subconscious belief that I was never good enough; a belief that was clearly playing out in my professional career but in hindsight in so many aspects of my life.

What made my work with Elaina uniquely different was that although she is academically trained she consistently used her clairvoyance to guide our journey forward. 

My colleagues, friends and partner have all recognized a difference in me since working with Elaina. She has an amazing ability to relax, reassure and revitalize have started to talk to her about running a workshop with some of my team to ensure we are effectively handling workplace (and external) stresses.

Management Consultant

New Zealand

I came to see Elaina after experiencing failed relationship after failed relationship. I initially sought Elaina’s help to find the part of me that seemed to attract the same type of men. Through working with Elaina over a course of a few months I was able to understand that I had a belief pattern that I had developed after years of watching my parents relationship whereby if I was to receive support or pursue my own desires and beliefs my partner would begin to resent me and leave.

I’d never heard of EMDR or the concept of healing the trauma experienced by, and being held onto by, my ‘inner child’ but was amazed at how quickly her ability to blend a clinical approach with deep spirituality and past life understanding helped me move through my crap!

Elaina is so much more than a therapist. Her NO BULLSHIT approach and uncanny ability to cut through to the core of my issue meant I was able to take personal responsibility and enact change within the first few sessions. I cannot recommend working with Elaina enough!

Project Marketing Coordinator


I have been a member of one of Elaina’s spiritual unfoldment groups for two years. During this time her careful and experienced guidance infused with her loving and compassionate approach, has fulfilled the need I had for spiritual understanding for a very long time.

Our group, initially one of complete strangers, can explore in a completely safe and non-judgemental environment, what spirituality is, what it means to us as individuals, and its importance in making life a more meaningful experience.

Elaina has nurtured our individual energies, and, I feel we have created as a collective, an intense and often surprising, spiritual connection. Each member of our group has grown in confidence. The trust we share amongst each other has created an environment that makes all things seem achievable.

Thanks to our group, I feel that what has alluded me individually, both in respect of furthering my life’s purpose as well as developing a more meaningful spiritual connection, is finally being made possible by working collectively with like-minded people.


Gold Coast

Elaina, something happened to me this morning after last night’s group and I just had to share it with you.

Soon after I woke up, I suddenly found myself bathed in a state of complete gratitude.

It was SO intense, SO amazing. It went on for a couple of minutes. Goosebumps covered my whole body… I still can recall the feeling, as I write this thank you.

This deep and overwhelmingly beautiful sense of gratitude has never impacted me so fully ever before. I know it’s because of our work in the group last night and that this extraordinary feeling has been building up over the weeks we been joining together.

It was so amazing and my dream is that one day I feel this 24/7.




Elaina treated me with EMDR for several problems I was having. However, the one that had the greatest impact on my life was the relationship I have with my father. I am still bathed in the feeling that I can now forgive him as well as myself for everything that went on between us in the past. It truly has had such a special impact on me because now I truly want to understand my father rather always feeling so irritated or frustrated by his behaviour in the way I used to be.

I am now enjoying having conversations with him – something that NEVER happened before without a whole range of negative beliefs about him coming up for me. I am sure he can feel this too.

Another traumatic past experience that seems to have completely resolved within me is the one I had with my previous boyfriend.

Until Elaina worked with me using EMDR I had assumed I had pushed him into the past and was getting on with my life. I now realise I hadn’t really resolved the pain I felt through his treatment of me. Now it just feels like an old movie, in my mind with no sense of upset when I think about him. It truly has brought me peace and I feel closer to my current boyfriend than ever before.

EMDR is so powerful. I can highly recommend anyone trying it with Elaina as your guide.


Gold Coast

You may wonder what you are destined for or what your purpose is and you may also wonder HOW you are going to figure it all out. The answer is Elaina. I met with Elaina because I was unsure of where I was headed with my purpose and with my rebrand. I jumped in for both personal and business reasons because I want both to be in alignment and fun and flowing.

I felt like we accessed all parts of me and my soul and extracted not just where I’ve been or what I’ve done, but what I needed NOW in this space and time so that I could really understand on a soul deep level what my purpose is.

I found the journey, with Elaina guiding me brilliantly and deeply, very enlightening and satisfying. There were a lot of ah-ha moments and amazing insights. I have a crystal-clear direction for my new, updated, brand and it really added a depth to what I do. I do not just do branding or brand businesses, I extract their superpowers straight out of their soul, define them and then I help them express that to the marketplace through intuitive design.

How good did that feel to really KNOW this? It felt like I was rock solid with a deep inner peace of YES this is who I am and this is my purpose. The experience was unforgettable, all the way from Elaina’s mediumship, extensive connection to spirit and the universe to her unbelievably powerful way of translating it back to you.

I am still in awe of our time together and how it is all still unfolding in the most beautiful and aligned way. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for this truly exceptional experience.


Gold Coast

After years of doing personal development and different healing modalities, nothing compares to the work I’ve done with Elaina.

She has helped me resolve issues from my childhood that had been with me for over 35 years. I feel so incredibly powerful and in-flow now with what I do in my media business, thanks to her help with tapping into the intuition from leaders past and present.

Thank-you so much Elaina, I attribute my current transformation to the work we have done together.

Aldwyn Anturney, Photojournalist/Director AA Xpose Media, Gold Coast

Gold Coast

You can’t plan for the future until you know you’re present. You can’t live from a sense of wholeness until you know there are parts of you that need healing at the level of your soul - not just your mind. When all these pieces come together, then you are blessed by peace.”

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